Dave Stergo is a classically trained singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer. He was born in 1972 and has performed on stage with music theatre and as part of the Acapella Group "Vox Populi"


His songs are characterised by strong, infectious melodies, restrained yet rich arrangements and contemplative lyrics. There is a strong alternative country/folk influence with a hint of classical and a nod to the blues. If you love such artists as Matt Corby, Robbie Williams, Nick Drake, John Denver, Jeff Buckley, Gregory Alan Isakov, Elliott Smith, or Glen Hansard, Dave Stergo will comfortably engage you with these artist's genre's and more.   He also interprets songs and will leave you transported, with a voice from heaven itself. Be renewed in spirit and let your soul be carried to celestial realms.

He is currently lives in Berwick, just outside of Melbourne Australia, is a carer for his wife, (who has Lyme disease) and daughter. He has self-produced his first, original music, solo EP, Minor Dreams, and is currently working on a follow up through his new original music project The Winter Angel. He is also working on a classic artist tribute project which will be released as an album early 2018.   

He successfully made the top 36  in last years X-Factor Australia. Dave is booking shows for corporate events, weddings, parties and packed out shows around Australia and NZ. He is more than happy to perform for you.


"Wow! That's Why We have the over's category. That's what real singing is about, by somebody that's done life and it carries through the way that you sing and what you do is timeless, and so it doesn't date. Beautiful." - Guy Sebastian (X-Factor Australia Auditions 2016)

"I'm so glad you came out to audition, because I think you have a special voice. It's really something, I don't know what I was expecting, but I don't think I was expecting to be blown away like I was. I was beautifully done." Iggy Azalia (X-Factor Australia Auditions 2016)

"Yeah Dave. Your voice sits in a beautiful place, it's pure it's like real and true, I thought that communicated the emotion so beautifully. It really touched me, I thought it was a beautiful sound and a beautiful feeling." Adam Lambert (X-Factor Australia Auditions 2016)

"A voice that would make Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) weep from lack of talent." Geoff Kirwood (Presenter Radio 3MDR Emerald Victoria)

"Either way folks, it's definitely worth it to catch Dave. The man's got a voice, soul and presence like something that accidentally or purposefully slipped out of God's own hands. I don't dish out compliments lightly either." Dylan Roberts (Singer/Songwriter Florida USA)

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