A song about moving forward and feeling the despair of not knowning where you are going but pressing on anyway. 

The ones that are closest to you are the ones that can save you. My family saved me from checking myself out. Being a creative soul constantly gives you a raw edge in emotions and I have found that extra care and nuturing is important for a stable mind. 

This is a love song. A song about real love and that it is what we act on, what we commit too and how that is is together that we weather the storms. 

This is a song written by my biggest inspiration, that being Sam Phillips (http://www.samphillips.com). If you haven't already, please check her stuff out. I am reprinting the lyric without permission but in many ways this song is my "launch song". It encouraged me to "give up the ground under my feet and hold on to nothing for good."

A catchy little, very tongue in cheek, protest song about the decision to open a McDonalds store in Tecoma when not many of the locals actually wanted it there. 

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