I ain't buying, what your selling, it ain't no pot-o-gold 
The kids and the trees and the birds and the bees 
Ain't believing what they've been told 
Ain't you bold! 
We've just been sold. 

You ain't listening to what we're saying, it's not about the grease. 
It's the way that you rolled over all of our tongues when 
community speaks 
Ain't you bold 
We've all been left out in the cold 

Stormin' up the mountain 
Promising shangri la 
I want no fries with that 
I want no lies with that 

We ain't finished with our anger 
This ain't your pot-o-gold 
We stand together, forever with a promise to 
Make it be heard 
We are bold 
To break your hold 

Storming down the mountain 
From our shangri la 
We want no fries with that 
We want no lies with that



from Minor Dreams (EP), released March 2, 2016 
All Instruments, Vocals, Samples and Programming: Dave Stergo 
Mastered by: David Carr

Music and Lyrics © Copyright David Stergo 2014 and 2015

No Fries With That

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