Paint Me While I'm Falling

roam around 
With a heart like paper 
Your promise like a painter 

my soul 
My head, my feet 
Warm me like a mother 

Cause I'm so alone 

Colours draining 
To the bottom, of the ocean 
me up so 
I might hear 
The hallowed sound of laughter 

Cause I'm so alone 
But you make me stronger 

I throw myself into your arms 
Paint me when I'm falling 
Catch me in a minor key 
And hold me till it's major. 

Flying high, lost in 
musical religion, 
clouds of complication 
me close, 
to the comfort of my home 
With your promise like a painter. 

Creation seethes and boils 
Twisted in in talented coil 
Color and sound collide 
Filling our heads tonight



from Minor Dreams (EP), released March 2, 2016 
Electric Guitar Textures: Hayden Blaby 
All Other Instruments Arrangement and Programming: Dave Stergo 
Mastered by: Adam Dempsey


Music and Lyrics © Copyright David Stergo 2013 and 2015

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