August 25, 2015

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Life Changing Food

August 25, 2015

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Life Changing Food

August 25, 2015


My family and I have been subscribing to a new food service here in Melbourne now for a few months now called "My Food Bag" ( and I would like to share our experiences with how this service has drastically changed our families dinner habits and provided some unexpected benefits. Please let me say upfront; I am not getting any "kickbacks" or payment for this article. I really want others to benefit from this great service like we have. 


Both my wife and I suffer from an Australian Variant of a "Lyme Like Disease" My wife has been tested positive and has suffered the most with this, having been almost paralysed at one stage. As a wellmeaning dad I try and do my best to look after the house, provide care and meals as well as try and work and do the things that need to get done while fight this disease myself.  I only mention this because of the fatigue that this causes and the last thing anyone in the house wants to do is cook dinner. I have resisted getting a food delivery for quite some time as money is very tight around these parts and many of the food delivery services, while reasonable value considering that they do all the cooking, were less than appetising. I worked out that the major source of stress around this was actually trying to "working out what exactly to eat for dinner" as this means, writing a list, braving the local supermarket and then attempting to please a fussy child while providing balances and wholesome nutrition for the family, minding food intolerances, etc. Help was needed. 


The catylyst for finally making me look out for this was the fact that my health had deteriorated to such and degree and the carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands needed operating on. I needed a way that icould provide a wholesome, homecook meal that anyone, including my culinarily-challenged wife could simply follow a set plan and help out. Up steps "My Food Bag". I checked out their website and alas! My area was not being delivered to. I decided to call, just in case. Success! They decided that they could literally go the extra mile and deliver to us. Win Number 1. 


For us the cost is $159AUD every week, and it comes out on Tuesday morning and this perfectly aligns with when we get paid. This buys us 5 complete meals for 4 people. We are a family of 3 and so there is always leftovers for lunch. There are "staples" that need to be purchased such as Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Mayo, Balsamic Vinegar and a few other things. Your first delivery, which for us is every Sunday evening, delivered I must say by a lovely Indian gentleman, impeccably dressed and very happy to see you. For all I know, he is one of the owners he seems to take such pride in his work. This includes a fantasic A5 size binder with your first week of recipes. The food quantity is exactly what you need to make the recipes. I expected these things and was glad when they delivered as promised. 


What I did not expect was this:



The food quality. I love shopping organic and at little delicatessens and farmers markets but I just cannot get to these and am forced to go to the one of the big 2. The vegetables at the big supermarkets never seem to last more than one day and the meat seems to have had all the goodness leeched out of it. With the meat from My Food Bag, there is Mirool Creek Lamb, (You have to get used to the smell and strong taste of it), Belmore Meat's Organic Beef, Bannockburn Farm Chicken and more. All very easy to establish the provenance. The vegetables are fresh and tasty and last the week, the cans of tomatoes are the very best italian tomatoes. I added up how much I would spend per week buying this and it turns out that I would be spending around the same money to get all this amazing produce and I would have to drive all over the place to get it.  



Simple. My wife can cook! I jest but to see her actually being able to follow a recipe a cook a fantastic meal was truly sexy. My 9 year old daughter cooked dinner one night with minimal help from me and it was great! It has bought us closer as a family and allowed us to work together in the kitchen to make great food together. This is incredible bonding and healing for us. 



We are buying less takeaway, actually spending less on our grocery bills as we are buy fewer prepackaged meals.



We are feeling much healthlier. I myself have lost weight since this started. We are feeling more satisfied after dinner and less likely to snack. 



The kitchen is staying cleaner as everyone appears to be pitching in and helping as they can. 


In all I have been very impressed with  My Food Bag and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. there are a range of "food Bags" to suit different people and families and they appear to be adding stuff all the time. Check it out.





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